Your Views are Not Mine

On Contrapoint’s canceling

Contrapoints got cancelled last month, or last year, or so due to collaboration with Buck Angel, who has some questionable views in respect to transmedicalism. In her latest video, Cancelling, she addresses her canceling due to this and how people utilize a heuristic that by associating with someone we equivocate them with that same person. In terms of their values or views or character.

I sympathize with Natalie. The primary teacher I follow, Ven Thanissaro Bhikkhu, has views on the ordination of women I completely disagree with. The reality is that, most people have something most of us find questionable. That doesn’t mean some or the majority of that person doesn’t have things worth praising. Even those in the noble sangha, below arahants, have fetters. I take Ven Thanissaro as my primary teacher because I agree with the Dhamma he espouses. I don’t see his views on nuns as relevant to how to follow the breath or practice virtue or understand the suttas. You can disagree with someone and still learn from and follow them.

I’d be frustrated if someone construed my views as absolutely the same as Ven Thanissaro’s.