About Me

I’m a non-binary agender transsexual Social Woman Anarchist, Theravada Buddhist and Musician. I do street performance for income. I’ve dedicated time in my life to community and corporate mental health care. Coffee and sandwiches. I live in a tiny home in a van.

Find short essays, poetry, travel logs and life reflections in the posts and writing section. Tattoo pictures in the gallery. I don’t have a posting schedule.

All albums are available for free through Bandcamp, as well as being posted on YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Potatoes are my favorite vegetable. They are hearty, last a long time, contain vitamin C and most importantly make french fries.

I use they/them/their’s or xe/xem/xyr pronouns. Xe/xem is pronounced as “zee zem and zzz-ear” and is conjugated in the same form as he/him/his. As in “Xe went to the cafe for xyr morning coffee where I saw xem reading a printed out essay”.