Country Roads

West Virginia

So I went to West Virginia after DC. The new experience of extended mountain driving, no cell service and different accents is on one hand exciting. Also I realized that I enjoy looking at memes. I spent time with an old partner for a few days.

We looked at a lot of mushrooms while out on some trails.

Then I went to the Dolly Sod woods and spent a few nights there. Reception was only good enough for phone calls so I had a few of those.

I also realized that being alone in the woods gets incredibly boring incredibly fast. I think I just might be some kind of city slicker. Or at least more dependent upon a social life than I assumed. At least I saw some cows on the way out, way off on a hillside.

Cows not pictured courtesy of tree branch

I stayed at a rest stop and then went to Charleston, capital of WV.

I did livestream a walk around the capital grounds:

Onwards to Kentucky.