Through Arkansas to Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

Yea so I went to Arkansas

After that I ended up in Oklahoma City which is incredibly spread out. Spent a lot of time practicing banjo and meeting people

Had more flakes and ghosting in OKC than I did in Nashville so that was shit. I did see a guy with a Jesus sign by the road

I read the Bible section and I think the guy is trying to convey some kind of anti mask sentiment, not entirely sure. There’s a part where Jesus is saying that the ritual washing of hands and cook wear is an unnecessary human ritual and not part of God’s command. Anyway then I went to a banjo museum, largest collection of banjos in the world.

With Oklahoma said and done, I moved on toward Tucsan, AZ. Which leads me through Texas and a bit of New Mexico. Only after saying goodbye to some new friends.

I met some real cool folks