The Better Desert City

Adventures in Tucson

So I got to Tucson a little before Halloween, after I woke up to snow in El Paso. Did a marathon drive to Tucson to escape snow and have been free of freezing temps since.

Tucson has involved a lot of public busking and banjo practice, among other things. I spent pretty much all of November in someone’s driveway. A lot of time spent there.

I met other people early in Tucson.

Then spent a lot of time tattooing with a tattoo machine on the way.

A lot of musical jamming went on during November. Recorded some very punk music:

Not all fun and games, I spent a lot of time fucking around with my fan which has had squeeking and circuit board issues

I then had the first experience of leaving my headlights on and killing my van’s battery. Got it jump started and on my way without much trouble.