The Last “Free” Place

Slab City

I arrived in slab city shortly before New Years.

When I arrived I stopped at Salvation Mountain and took a few tourist pictures.

After that I explored over the next few days. Getting coffee at Oasis, visiting Flamingo and Handlebar. Staring at trash.

I’ve also been playing a ton of banjo, wrote my first song and continue to practice every day.

I’ve met a lot of new friends

I’ve done a stupid amount of tattoos. All the pictures are now on the gallery page. Otherwise I’ve put effort into helping out at Handlebar. I made food one night, helped organize a cleanup day, helped make a message board, fixed the door, added a can crusher (I’ve fixed it four times in the first month) and other small shit. Fixed a lot of chairs and rectified some tables.

I’m planning to stay until first week of April, when the summer will come with scythe in hand.