Don’t See Me

Hang me up to dry

Class reductionism is this idea that all the struggles in our society are reducible to economic class. I think this idea on the whole is kind of fucking dumb, it doesn’t hold water and oppression is a lot more intersectional, impacted by race, gender and cultural hierarchies. However, I was busking in Boulder, Colorado on Sunday on the day of pride on Pearl Street; I noticed sitting there that a lot of the way people reacted to me it was much more rooted in class then it seem to be rooted in gender or sexuality.

A lot of the visibly queer people, as in people who were wearing rainbow flags or had various gender capes tied around their necks looked at me less than the old white men with cowboy hats. I felt like on the day of pride itself my gender and sexuality was erased and replaced by the economic slot I was occupying by sitting on the street corner and playing a banjo for money with a sign written in sharpie.

I felt bereft of any solidarity that was supposed to exist on account of my gender or sexuality in the response to the prior oppression we have faced as a community. Invisible.