First Steps of a Home

If I had a hammer, I’d build a home

I’ve been building a tiny home inside a van for the past few months. This whole project sort of began to have its wheels turn about a year ago, later winter 2018/2019. Where I was coming to terms with being denied formal ordination and trying to figure out what I’d do with what I have. I decided to try camping, seeing if I could just spend more time out in the wilderness and practice. I started looking into camping sites, found a lot of them asked for money, started Ducking illegal camping, found Squat The Planet. I read Matt’s book An Anarchist’s Guide to Travel and decided at the end of it to become a rubber tramp, to live out of a van. That was early summer 2019. I read two more books on the topic, one by Bob Wells and one by Vandog Traveller. Bob’s was probably my favorite on the topic but Matt’s really connected with me in a certain way, it also got me into dumpster diving. I bought the van, a Ford Econline 150 2008 at the start of August 2019, a few days after my birthday.

The day I signed for the van

Next steps are to have a professional install some vinyl flooring. Then once that’s done I will finish the electrical system and continue with further additions like a table and lights.