First day in Fukuoka

Yesterday was the first full day in Japan. I’m now holding the sixth precept, not to eat after lunch. I’m being a little flexible with timing right now due to family and all that. My eating window should be 6am to 2pm. I spent a lot of time yesterday walking around with my family, went to a large park and then a smaller park just with my older sibling. Saw a lot of shrines, made a 3 yen offering. Wore a kimono.

I’m eating vegetarian while I’m here, it’s hard to find vegan things and more so when I can’t easily read nutritional labels. Talked to my family about becoming an anagarika. I also notice that in walking around, the quality of how people look at me is different, less threatening. Monks are a lot more of a common sight, although not with tattoos. Last night I had this thought that my robes don’t feel too big for me right now. The eight precepts feel solid in what they lead towards.

I’m glad I came to Japan. I can walk or train to everything. I’ll be going to Okinawa tomorrow.

Statue of a samurai
One of many shrines in a small cluster
Me and my little sister’s boyfriend
Waiting to go to the park
Out for breakfast with the parents