It’s Japanese Florida

One of my aunts is now in the hospital with the virus, she’s very old and could die. I remember when she babysat for my parents when I was young, she’d make me a big steak. I saw a post on Reddit yesterday that was saying that if you’re one of those people saying “only 1-2% of the global population will die” to pick out one or two people we care about to die. That’s a helpful way of thinking about it.

I flew to Okinawa, far away from the epicenter of the virus in Japan (Tokyo). The island of Ishigaki. It’s humid like Florida and there’s construct next door so the jackhammer is loud. Lots of children and overpriced everything. It’s a tourist trap and I notice immediate discontent. I prefer Fukuoka, with everything nearby and trains and more things. Not to mention it was quieter despite being a city. I think part of that discontent comes from comparing the two. At least the wifi here works so that’s good. There’s a pool, although I’m technically not supposed to use it because of having tattoos. So that could be a fun experience of getting kicked out.

I fell asleep at about 6pm and woke up at 1am, so I took a walk to a convenience store to buy breakfast for later. When walking back a live bat flew out of a long hanging tree I walked under, the first I’d ever seen. I saw someone leaning on their balcony lighting a cigarette. Then I did some reading and went back to bed. In the morning my family decided that we’re leaving tomorrow for a city at the southern end of the mainland with only one confirmed case of the virus so far. Just looking at Google Maps I think I will be much happier there, there’s a nice Shinto Shrine next door, then a mountain with a castle and some caves on the other side. My knees are still hurting from walking 10 miles the other day but hopefully by the time we’re settled in at Kagoshima I’ll be good enough for another hike.

I did finally manage to get a massage, although I was warned that due to my tattoos this would potentially prove difficult. The place I went to didn’t comment and the massage itself was excellent. I ate some more chocolate strawberry mochi I got in Fukuoka.